Pearl Bleach Cream

Face hair grows on women of all ages for several causes, ranging from pure genetics to hormonal changes caused by childbirth and menopause. It can humiliate to have hair on our lips and chins, and we can’t hide facial hair with clothes as we can with arm and leg hair.  

As a result, “how to bleach facial hair?” must be addressed. One of the fastest, simplest, painless, and cost-effective ways to deal with facial hair is to bleach it with Oxy bleach for face. It’s effective if your hair is thin and just needs to be lightened.  

Here is the step-to-step guide to bleaching your face.   

  1. The most crucial thing to do before bleaching your skin is to conduct a patch test. To see what happens, add the bleach crème under your ears and wait 48 hours. Avoid using the skin bleach if you have a reaction or an allergy.   
  2. To begin, cleanse your face. Apply a regular or occasional cleanser to your face and wash it away. Allow it to air dry. Avoid using cleansing milk as a face wash because it will remove all dirt and leave the face spotless.  
  3. Use the pre-bleach crème that came with your pack. Massage it gently into your face for 305 minutes. Allow time for it to dry. You can also make your own pre-bleach crème if you don’t have any on hand. Take two spoons of bleach crème and 2-3 pinches of powder activator and mix them together. With your thumbs, combine them.  
  4. Remove the pre-bleach crème with a cotton pad or a fluffy towel until it has dried. It’s now time to apply the bleach creme. To the bleach crème, add a pinch of activator. I recommend using only your fingers to spread the bleach creme. It guarantees a cleaner and more effective application. Apply to your neck as well.  
  5. Avoid places like your brows, mouth, and getting too close to your eyes, among others.  
  6. Wait 15 minutes if you have a medium to fair complexion, but just 10 minutes if you have a dusky complexion.  
  7. After the time limit has passed, remove the bleach crème with a cotton pad or tissue paper. The bleach crème does not need to be washed. Simply take it out gently.  
  8. After removing the bleach crème, wash your face. Make sure you only use the face wash and not the scrub.  


  • Bleach cannot be used on wounds, burns, acne, eczema, parched skin, or inflamed skin.  
  • If you have sinus issues or high blood pressure, don’t bleach right after waxing or threading.  
  • Bleach can never be used in the eyes. If the mixture gets into your eyes, flush them out with water right away.  
  • If you unintentionally apply the mixture to your hair or brows, remove the cream as soon as possible, as the bleach will affect the colour of your hair, which you don’t want.  
  • After applying Herbal bleach or any other, wait at least five (5) hours before using soap.  

Yes, it’s that easy.  

It’s really that easy to bleach facial hair with Oxy bleach for face.

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