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We all know how good our hair can look with a hair straightener and a hairdryer. But regular usage could cause a lot of damage to your hair. While most people would like to look their fashionable best, it is also advisable that hair remains healthy and that can be achieved by using a hair straightener cream. The best straightening cream does well not only to straighten your hair but also to protect it from the heat, thereby nourishing and making hair smooth. Try out the herbal hair straightening cream from Oxyglow.  


Advantages of using a hair cream 

  1. Extra protection – Long hair needs extra care. While using a hairdryer and an iron over an extensive period your hair might get dry, full and can also be prone to damage. A hair straightening cream will protect you from dry, dull and damaged hair over a while.  
  2. Ensures your hair remains straight over time- Hair straightening can be irritating and time-consuming. A hair straightener ensures you have straight hair throughout the week.  
  3. Saves time – When you try to straighten your hair without using a hair cream for women, you could be forced to use the iron over your hair about 2-3 times to ensure straight hair. If you use the hair straightener, however, you could minimize the time spent with the iron on your hair.  
  4. Shiny, healthy hair- Post the use of an iron you can be assured that your hair will lack its lustre and it can appear to be dry and dull. Usage of a hair cream will ensure that your hair remains healthy, shiny and silky after the heat is applied.  
  5. Cost-efficient- Hair creams are usually cheaper than your trip to the local salon. You can even order the product online and it will get delivered to your house.  

Things you need to consider before purchasing a hair straightening cream   

  • It should be able to provide heat protection.  
  • It should be cheap and affordable 
  • Check to see if the product offers additional benefits such as moisturising  
  • Check to see reviews of the product before making a purchase 
  • Check for long-lasting benefits from using the cream through the reviews.  

Steps to using a hair straightening cream  

  1. Clean your hair – Your hair should be properly clean. Make sure you wash your hair before applying the product as dust and oil could stick to your hair and this will not allow for your hair to achieve the lustrous shine.  
  2. Divide your hair into small sections- Tie your hair up and apply the cream to sections and work your way up.  
  3. Leave the cream on for 20-30 minutes and then wash off with warm water.  
  4. Dry your hair- Dry your hair off with a hairdryer and then use an iron to straighten your hair.  
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