We all know that acne is caused due to clogged pores. The clogged pores, in turn, lead to an overproduction of oil that traps dirt and dead skin cell. There are different types of acne. One must be aware of what kind of acne they face before buying skincare products. 

The two types of acne are inflammatory and non-inflammatory 

The most common type of acne is a non-inflammatory one. One can notice blackheads, tiny bumps and even whiteheads on your skin. The pores of this kind are blocked with oil and can cause bacteria to grow.  

The inflammatory acne causes pus pimples and cysts. This acne occurs when pores are clogged and infected by bacteria. You should visit a dermatologist for treatment of this kind of acne.  

Skincare routine for acne-prone skin 


Cleanse + Moisturise + Sunscreen 


Acne skin is usually susceptible. Try and find a mild acnecleanser that won’t irritate the acne. The best cleanser for acne will contain ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as it helps to unclog pores and fight pimple-causing bacteria. Salicylic cleansers work for non-inflammatory acne-like white and blackheads, and benzoyl peroxide works well for inflammatory acne.  


Look for a gel-based moisturiser that is light on the skin. It contains the essential mineral oils that help keep the pores clean and retain the skins natural moisture.  


Sunscreens are needed for all skin types. If you manage to step outside without one, be assured that the blemished will become darker. Look for gel-based sunscreens that will help protect your skin.  


Cleanser+ Toner+ Scrub+ Spot treatment+ Moisturiser+ Pack 


Wash your face with a mild acne cleanser. Please do not wash your face more than twice a day as it will cause the skin to dry out more and cause more breakouts.  


Toners are the second round of cleansing. You can add a few drops of the toner to a cotton ball and wipe off the remaining dirt. Try and look for ingredients such as tea tree oil that will help you unclog your pores and reduce blackheads. Use this once a day as toners too can dry your skin.  


Scrubs are great to help remove dead skin. Try using a mild scrub twice a week to help with the dead cells.  

Spot treatment 

These work at reducing pimples and acne and help to reduce scars. Try using a face serum with vitamin C, retinol and AHA.  


Post all the above steps, use a moisturiser to reduce the drying effect of all the above products.  

Face mask 

Acne skin users would use a mud or clay mask Clay helps absorb excess oil, and mud masks reduce redness and treat acne.  

Always try and use natural products on your skin. Check out OxyGlow’s wide range of natural products and get glowing! 

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