Gold Facial Kit - 50 g

Rs. 250

OxyGlow Gold Facial Kit is enriched with Gold oxides. Gold to be one of the softest metals, it is readily absorbed by skin to provide radiance and glow to the skin. 

The concept of Gold Facial is deemed to be based on natural herbs and acts as a powerful anti ageing treatment. The result is a sparkling smooth skin, without wrinkles and radiant glow.

Package Contains: Gold Deep Cleanser, Gold Scrub, Massage Gel with Gold Pigment, Gold Face Pack, Gold Moisturizer
Skin type: Suitable for all skin types
Quantity: 50 g


Gold pigment, Marigold oil, Wheat Germ oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Turmeric oil, Sunflower oil, Grape seed oil, rosewater, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil.


Improves Blood circulation: Presence of Gold improves oxygen flow and thus blood circulation
Removes impurities & dirt: It cleans off the impurities & dirt by deep penetrating the skin and Deep cleansing .
Enhance skin elasticity: Increase collagen in skin to facilitate skin elasticity
Helps Reduce Melanin: Repair Skin Pigmentation by decreasing Melanin.
Anti ageing properties: Reduce fine lines, dull skin and wrinkles.
Revitalizing & Rejuvenating effects: Helps to repair skin tissues
STEP 1: Clean your face with Gold Deep Cleanser to remove dirt & oil from face.
STEP 2: Scrub your face with Gold Scrub. Wash off with cold water.
STEP 3: Massage face with Massage Gel with Gold Pigment in circular motion for 5 min. Clean with moist cotton.
STEP 4: Apply Gold Face Pack on face. Avoid eyes area. Let it dry. Rinse off. STEP 5 : Apply good amount of Gold Moisturizer on your face & neck.
  • Fairer skin complexion.
  • Brighten and Polished Skin.
  • Instant White Shine on face.
  • Soft and healthy looking skin.
  • Sparkling, Hydrating and youthful appearance.


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