With the growing age, various skin problems such as wrinkles and fine lines affect the skin. Various anti-aging skincare products promise consumers satisfactory results. After seeing the advertisements of such products, queries pop up in our mind whether these creams are going to work on our skin type or not?  

An anti-aging cream also promises to reduce wrinkles & claims to reverse the sun’s damage to the skin caused by UV rays. They have proved to be quite safe to use, which is quite tricky to find out the truth about these products. 

In this blog, we will find out what are the essential ingredients that makes us choose anti-aging creams as our daily skincare routine.  

  • Retinol 

An anti-aging cream has a Vitamin A compound, known as Retinol. The presence of retinol in these creams is helpful for aging and wrinkles problems. It has anti-oxidants properties that repair skin damage caused due to the breakdown of the skin cells. Therefore, this is one of the reasons to use anti-aging creams on the skin. 

  • Papaya Extracts 

Papaya is one of the essential fruits that treats skin problems such as anti-aging effectively. Its extracts & kills the dead skin cells & reduces pigmentation from the skin.  

Various anti-aging creams have papaya extracts that treat anti-aging naturally. The Papaya Bleach Cream of OxyGlow has papaya extracts that make it the best anti-aging cream for each skin type.  

  • Hydroxy Acids 

Hydroxy acids are one of the key ingredients of anti-aging creams to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. This plays a significant role in stimulating the growth of evenly pigmented skin cells.  

  • Vitamin-E 

Vitamin-E is known as the king of all skincare products. It is a group of various other vitamins that heal the skin’s layer deeply. Various anti-aging creams have Vitamin-E that moisturizes the skin and fights various skincare issues, mainly aging.   

The Oxynourishing Massage Cream has the potential to block free radicals from the skin to make it look youthful as it has Vitamin-E as the key ingredient. This works even during night hours, which makes it the best anti-aging night cream. 

  • Green Tea extracts 

Green tea extracts are quite common among anti-aging creams, making them a necessary part of the daily skincare routine. The compounds of green tea extracts hold anti-inflammatory properties which makes them essential for the skin. It reduces the signs of aging & diminishes blackheads and whiteheads as well. 

  • Saffron 

Saffron is beneficial to treat various skin problems. The saffron essential oils heal wounds, reduce pigmentation, and act as an exfoliator tool. An anti-aging cream has saffron extracts as a key ingredient that helps to fight various skin issues. Therefore, choosing a saffron based anti-aging cream is immensely helpful for the skin.  

We hope that this blog will help to break down the myths around of using anti-aging creams. OxyGlow’s wide range of herbal anti-aging creams is an added advantage. They heal the skin naturally by going deep inside with no side effects. 

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