Treating yourself to a facial is one of life’s little luxuries. But with the pandemic and new virus forcing spas and beauty salons around the nation to close and the risk of catching the virus still looming, an at-home facial is the next best choice.  

Luckily, Oxy Glow Fruit facial kit combo makes doing facials at home a walk in the park! 

Oxy Glow Fruit Facial Kit is a 6-step facial treatment enriched with the goodness of fruit extracts to slow down the aging process, prevent wrinkles, stimulate blood circulation and increase oxygen flow. The products contain mixed fruits extracts and herbs to deep cleanse your face and remove the top dead layers of the skin resulting in having beautiful and glowing skin. All variants are formulated with AHA, derived from fresh fruits, and known for their multi-curing effects on the skin.  

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Massage. Mask. Moisturize. Hydrate & Relaxxxxx! 

Step 1: Cleanse  

Cleansing is the first process before any skin treatment. It is essential to cleanse your face properly to remove any dirt or makeup before starting with your facial.    

OxyGlow Fruit Enzyme Face Cleanser part of skincare combo helps get rid of deeply set dirt and impurities, leaving the skin clean and fresh. It also helps in restoring natural balance.  

Step 2: Exfoliate  

The second step is to exfoliate and remove the dead skin. Exfoliating also helps polish your skin and gives you a glow. Use Bearberry Fruit Facial Scrub available in the facial kit combo for at least a minute or two and rinse with lukewarm water.  

Step 3: Massage   

According to many skin- specialists, this step is essential to improve blood circulation and skin elasticity!  

Take some Oxy Glow Fruit Enzyme with Vitamin E Face Massage Cream. Start with the middle of your forehead and then move to the cheekbones. Then massage your nose and chin. Lastly, message over your lips and massage your jawline in upward strokes. Don’t forget to massage the neck; it’s also equally important. Wash your face with water after a good massage time 

Step 4: Mask  

Your skin needs some nourishment, and face masks help give the moisture to your skin which it needs. For this, apply the fruit enzyme mask available in the facial skin care combo pack. This unique mask nourishes and rejuvenates your skin while maintaining its optimum moisture balance.  

Step 5: Moisturize 

Gently massage the face cream with fruit extracts onto your face and neck. It helps to lock it all in the benefits of previous steps. One of the biggest keys to achieving healthy and glowing skin is well-moisturized skin. 

Step 6: Hydrate 

Once you massage the face cream, lock in the hydration with the Oxy Glow Smooth Skin Serum, which helps add moisture and nutrients while penetrating deep into the skin and hydrating it. It prevents dark spots, wrinkles, and acne, leading to perfectly hydrated skin with zero stickiness and superb shine.  

Facials are one of the most relaxing and luxurious things you can do for yourself.  

So, pull your hair away from your face and tie it up. Follow these six simple and easy facial steps to pull off a salon-like facial at home and relax a bit with this fantastic luxury facial kit combo by Oxy Glow Cosmetics. You can find many more such facial kit combos for “Do it Yourself” on their website!

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