So many blemishes leave an indelible mark on your face, even after the breakout has faded. Pitted scars and red pigmentation patches can last for months, even years. There are several techniques you can use to get a bright, even skin.  

The good news is that there are a variety of choices for treating acne scars and pigmentation, ranging from professional therapies to at-home hacks. If you want to get rid of rolling, boxcar, or ice-pick scars, you’ll probably need to go to a salon. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can fade with time, but there are many ways, both in-salon and at-home, to hasten the process.  

To help you combat pigmentation, we have got you covered with the simplest & best treatment for pigmentation on face –   

  • Sun exposure is a major cause of skin pigmentation. Just use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher on your next outing. To minimise any existing skin pigmentation, apply a Vitamin C serum with an antioxidant effect early in the morning.  
  • Vitamin C can be a key tool in your skincare arsenal for brightening dark spots. People adore it, for a variety of reasons. It has many advantages, including revitalising and brightening the skin while also enhancing your body’s natural collagen output. Apart from lightening and breaking up the existing pigmentation, it also helps to avoid future dark spots or sunspots.  
  • Make sure you remove your sunscreen and makeup completely at night. After that, add a lightening cream to your skin. Sunscreens for the mouth are often recommended. They contain natural extracts that help avoid and reduce the darkening caused by the sun.  

How can you reduce pigmentation for good?   

For both short- and long-term treatment of skin pigmentation, consistent use of sunscreen is important. Avoid excessive sun exposure during the day, if at all necessary. To prevent sun damage, reapply sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and cover up with a cap or hat if you go outside. A balanced diet rich in antioxidants and beta carotenes, combined with regular exercise, is helpful. It helps balance hormones, maintain a healthy weight, and keep pigmentation under control.  

You do not have to be concerned with pigmentation at all. It can happen to anyone. However, there are several skin pigmentation treatment available to help you get rid of them. If you follow the recommendations, you will see excellent results in a matter of months. 


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