Hair Colouring is always a fun-loving task for each one of us. However, different hair colours attract attention & it is quite clear in our mind which hair colour from the colour pallet will suit us the best. But at the same time, after choosing a hair colour, most of us are unaware of various hair colouring techniques. 

One finds it either complicated or easy, depending on its usage and application. Hair colouring could make your hair look beautiful, depending on the choice of hair colour. Synthetic hair colours often damage the hair strands. So, choosing a herbal colour for hair colouring should be one’s preferable choice. 

Let us discover some hair colouring techniques to give them extra care! 

  • Highlights 

This hair-colouring technique is quite interesting. It is evergreen & never goes out of the trends of hair-colouring. In this, a hairstylist applies the colour to the bottom part of the hair and then goes to another side of the hair while giving space to the highlights. A natural hair colour’s highlight will appear side by side. OxyGlow’s Hair Colourant Cream could make hair look gorgeous with natural extracts, making it the best hair color for men. 

  • Bronde  

According to the Bronde hair-colour technique, hair colour is applied layer-by-layer. A section of hair colour is selected based on a specific choice and then hair colour is applied near the roots of the hair. This begins from the bottom layer of hair. This hair-colouring technique can make hair look healthy. 

  • Balayage 

Balayage is the most common hair-colouring technique. It is a free-hand hair colouring technique that colours hair as per one’s choice. This gives us a natural finish and it depends on us how light or dark our final hair colour should be. The Natural Heena Colour  is immensely helpful to colour the hair with zero harmful effects. This makes it the best natural hair color for womenThe Natural Heena Colour will colour the hair naturally with no harmful effects & this makes it the best natural hair color for women. 

  • Ombre 

Ombre is a shadow hair-colour technique that blends two hair colours together. It is an ideal technique for those who want to try vibrant colours for the first time & it is the best suited for darker roots. This technique makes sure that two blended colours do not seem different from each other, ensuring an elegant look to hair.   

  • Sombre 

As per the Sombre hair-colouring technique, a hair colour that is one shade lighter than the present hair colour is chosen. Then, it is applied from the mid-lengths to the tips of the hair. This will give a faded colour gradually to the hair. Sombre is a soft hair colour technique that colours the hair gently.   

We hope that this blog clears your doubt about various techniques to colour your hair. OxyGlow’s herbal range of hair colour can become your desirable choice to colour your hair with the goodness of various natural extracts. 

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