The hair gel has now become the most commonly used product. One can now get a strong or a medium hold gel, an organic or a coloured gel. However, there are a few facts that people don’t know about this beloved product. 

Here are some things to keep in mind before purchasing a hair gel 

  1. Chemical nature- Hair gel, by nature, contains strong chemicals. Some of them are fortified with natural ingredients for better nourishment to the scalp and hair. Most hair gels contain PVPs, which are polymers that hold on to your hair. 
  2. A  hair gel for men  has evolved from being something that helped your hair stay undisturbed to styling mohawks. 
  3. A hair gel can be used for both men and women. Hair gel for womenis compatible with all hairstyles, including curly, wavy, coloured hair and others. You should always apply the amount of gel to the period the hair should be maintained in that style. 
  4. There are different ways in which you can use a hair gel. One can mould, sculpt, scrunch and freeze hair into any shape, and it will remain as such with a hair gel. 

Not all gels found in the market today are meant to better hair growth and health and hair holding properties. Most of the average priced gels do not take care of your hair health at all. Only when you invest in a good quality hair gel will your hair get the desired texture and look along with the various nutrients and vitamins your hair needs to help reduce the greying of hair. A good quality hair gel will also help fight dandruff. 

Most hair gels for both men and women contain a high concentration of alcohol. This means that the presence of alcohol tends to remove moisture from the scalp, making the hair weaker. When you invest in a cheap hair gel, it can cause flaking of your scalp and lead to hair fall. Check the ingredients carefully before selecting your hair gel. 

After a shower, a hair gel always tends to give you maximum results. Towel dry your hair and apply the gel to slightly damp hair. If you use the hair gel to wet hair, it will weaken the gel, and you will not achieve the desired hairstyle you were looking for. Use both hands to help spread the product evenly. Rub the gel into the hair and not the scalp. 

Hair gels are not harmful to your hair. You have to choose the right kind of product with the right ingredients to help you achieve the perfect look. Shop from OxyGlows natural hair gels. These have lesser chemicals and will help keep your hair healthy as well. 

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