A harsh sun is not liked by anyone. Its extensive heat damages the skin’s layer that results in tanning, affecting our face. It darkens the skin tone making it dull. In this scenario, we look around the various skincare products to find a suitable solution. People suggest various hacks to try out to treat tanning at home. However, we end up with unsatisfactory results.    

So, without wasting a minute, let us throw some light on amazing skin tanning solutions. It can make your skin look healthy, refreshing for a longer duration.  

  •  D- Tan Pack  

OxyGlow’s D-Tan Pack is an excellent choice for treating tanned skin. It heals the skin layer by layer by going deep inside. It holds various herbal ingredients such as Glycerin, Jojoba oil, Eucalyptus oil, Clove oil, Vitamin-E, Menthol, Argan oil, Avocado Oil, and Mint that evens out your skin tone naturally. It is the best de-tan pack that removes sun tanning, lightens blemishes & pigmentation spots, and tightens skin pores.  

How To Use?  

Step 1: First, clean the entire face, neck, and the area that needs to be bleached with chilled water.   

Step 2: Then, apply a thin layer of D-Tan Pack to cover the face. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes.  

Step 3: Finally, clean it gently with cotton and rinse with water. Gently massage your face in circular motions. 

You are done and ready to feel the energy in your face!  

  • OG-Professional D-Tan Pack  

If you want to treat your skin professionally, then OG-Professional D-Tan Pack could become your perfect choice. It works by bringing your skin tone back to its natural tone effectively. It has Vitamin E & C & reverses the tanning. It also controls skin pigmentation from its first use only.   

How To Use?  

Step 1: Clean your face, neck, and other tanned skin with cold water.  

Step 2: After cleansing your face, apply a thick layer of this tan removal face pack on affected skin areas.  

Step 3: Then, gently rub the skin and leave it undisturbed for about 5-10 minutes.  

Step 4: Finally, remove the pack with a wet towel or gently wash it with water.  

It is easy to follow, and it makes your skin refreshed and bright!  

  •  OxyGlow Herbals Lacto Bleach Cream – Anti-Tan Pack  

Honey and Milk are two key ingredients that naturally fight skin tanning. OxyGlow Herbals Lacto Bleach Cream is one of the best products that have both. It clears the sun tanning from the skin and works well on hair too. It is rich in antimicrobial agents that work deep within the skin’s layers to reduce the melanin content in your skin to make it glowing and nourished. It also purifies your skin by removing the dead skin cells from the skin to give an instant glow.  

How To Use?  

Step 1: Clean your face and the entire skin area with cold water and then pat dry.  

Step 2: Then, apply a thick layer of Herbal Lacto Bleach Cream covering all the facial hair and skin. Wait for the next 10-15 minutes to work it deeply.  

Step 3: Finally, rinse it off by using a cotton ball gently. After that, clean your face with water. Massage in a circular motion. 

Feel the change and treat your face naturally with no harmful effects. We hope that this blog will help you to treat skin tanning effectively in a few simple steps!  

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