Using bleach on your face is a practice that has been going on for many years.  From the monthly parlor visit to the at-home DIY, all of us have at some point used bleach on our faces to get a brighter look.  

It is usual to have a skincare routine that consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. It can be uplifted by incorporating bleaching your face at regular intervals to get a radiant glow.  

Face bleach is a synthetic substance that has multiple benefits for your skin- 


  1. It helps reduce the appearance of unwanted hair on the face. It lightens them to give a polished look. It is a good alternative to painful hair removing methods as by bleaching, the hair does not need to be removed, and yet is hidden. 
  2. It aids in decreasing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, tanning, and dark spots. It makes the blemishes on the face seem lighter due to its brightening properties.  

Bleaching is safe if done in moderation. Do not do it daily, or even weekly. It is advised to do it once a month. Using face bleach cream very often can thin down the skin. It can cause redness and result in acne breakouts. We absolutely do not want that for our skin!  

There are some things to be kept in mind while using bleach- 

  • Test the product on your arm before applying it to your face 
  • Ensure the ratio of face bleach and applicator is correct 
  • Do not scrub the skin vigorously after bleaching 
  • Do not apply bleach around eyes, lips or sensitive parts of the body 
  • Do not step out in direct sunlight after applying bleach 
  • Do not apply bleach during pregnancy 

The Oxyglow gold bleach cream is a great option for bleaching your skin. It has gold oxides which provide instant radiance. It- 

  • Cleanses pores and removes impurities 
  • Helps to reduce melanin from causing skin pigmentation 

With the goodness of gold in the product itself, the application will transform your face into a brighter, clearer one.  

Another great option is the Oxyglow herbal bleach cream, which has natural ingredients like neem leaf powder, papaya seed and lemon peel powder. The goodness of natural extracts has  

  • anti- aging benefits,  
  • enhance skin complexion, and  
  • preserve the natural glow of the skin. 

 Or you can even try the Oxyglow Fruit bleach cream which has herbal ingredients like Papaya, Apple, Orange, lemon, and glycerin to lighten skin complexion and deep moisturize it. Furthermore, it has many benefits like- 

  • Regulates skin pH 
  • Is Ammonia free 
  • Tightens pores 
  • Is Non-irritating 

You can pick and choose any from the ones mentioned above and find amazing glowing skin! These are the best bleaches for the face. 

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