Managing your skin from all the skincare problems can be a daunting task. Pollution, stress, smoke, inadequate healthy foods can all cause skin to age faster. We are lucky to have anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E to help with all our skin woes.  

Here’s how Vitamin E helps your skin:  

  1. It helps prevent signs of aging- When your skin comes into contact with pollution and smoke, it destroys collagen and this leads to the formation of wrinkles. Hence it is important to search for a good Vitamin E cream to help protect your skin.  
  2. It absorbs UVB light- When you apply Vitamin E on your skin, it forms a protective layer on your thereby preventing skin from aging. The combination of Vitamins C and E together can work well with your SPF and have a protective effect on your skin.  
  3. It acts as a moisturizer- When you  moisturize with Vitamin E  it helps skin maintain its health by keeping it moisturized. Vitamin E in moisturizers acts as an antioxidant and helps to fight inflammation.  
  4. Scars are visibly reduced – Pollution and stress make it hard for scars to heal. As such a Vitamin E moisturizer can help with the process.  
  5. It helps reduce acne- You must find the right formula of ingredients to help with your acne problems. Try searching for a lightweight Vitamin E cream.  
  6. It can help with skin-brightening- Vitamin C and E combined are like a powerhouse and can not only prevent signs of aging but can also brighten skin by boosting collagen production. You can try to add a serum to your moisturizer in the morning to help protect your skin once you head out.  

One can find Vitamin E present in a lot of sunscreens, moisturizers, and serums. You would need to check the ingredients and choose a product that has a good potency of Vitamin E in it.  

Currently, there is a recent trend in vitamin-filled skincare. Most of the skincare products are packed with Vitamins and promise to help transform your look.  

Vitamin E is the current best-selling skincare ingredient. It protects you from aging and from free radicals. What more could you ask for? Head to Oxyglow to find your Vitamin E-packed products today.  



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