Moringa Shower Gel

Rs. 360

OxyGlow Moringa Shower gel is enriched with Moringa extracts to radiant skin glow and purifies the skin from deep inside.

Effective as a therapy for rashes. Act as a hydrating agent for your skin leaving it smooth, fresh and glowing.

✔Soap free
✔Refreshing Bath Gel

Package Contents: 1 Moringa Shower Gel
Skin type: For all skin types
Quantity: 350 ml

Moringa Extract, Glycerine, Aloevera Extract

Extracts of Moringa leaves has antiseptic and skin purifying properties.
Anti-inflammatory properties that help in the treatment of rashes or itching skin.
Aloe vera and Moringa extracts enriched with Vitamin E and C to nourish the skin.


✔Long lasting freshness
✔Moringa extracts helps fight skin rashes and itching.
✔Detoxifies skin and brings radiant glow to it.
✔Supple and soft skin with regular use

✔Cleanses the skin
✔Leaves skin feeling softer and freshly cleansed

Take few drops of Moringa Shower Gel on Sponge to produce great lather. Gently scrub all over your body and rinse it all off.

CAUTION: Do not scrub way too hard on the skin.

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