OG Professional Hair Developer

Rs. 490

OG Professional Hair developer is suitable for entire range of hair lightening, coloring and toning process. The rich & creamy, non-drip consistency of the product ensures that the strands of hair stay well coated, resulting in long lasting perfect shade in your hair. 

A crucial product that activates hair dye to give consistent hair color. 

Package contains: 1 Developer
Usage: Can be used for lightening hair techniques, temporary or permanent hair color.  

Contains Hydrogen Peroxide to open up hair cuticles to penetrate color deep into the hair and last for a long time.

OG Professional developers are oxidant cream based products ranging in 20, 30 and 40 volume.

  • No damage and dullness
  • Gives luster and shine to hair
  • Gives long lasting perfect shade in your hair 
  • Keeps the color in active contact with hair without any dripping 
  • Releases oxygen while coloring to give excellent coverage and uniformity 


Choose your Developer:

  • Developer 20 Volume ( 6%) - For Temporary hair color
  • Moderate developer 30 volume ( 9%) - For Permanent hair color
  • Strong Developer 40 volume ( 12%) – For hair Lighteners

Directions for use:

Step 1: Put on a hairdresser’s cape and plastic gloves to avoid staining your hands and clothes. Choose your developer for your hair color preference.

Step 2: Mix developer with hair color with corresponding hair developer properly in a plastic or ceramic bowl.

Step 3: Apply the mixture evenly on your hair as desired. Decide whether you want to dye all your hair or highlight only a few sections. Part your hair and apply the color mixture accordingly.

Step 4: Rinse off after half an hour. 

Do not use metal bowl for mixing purpose. Always wear hand plastic gloves to avoid staining on hands and clothes. 

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