Saffron Whitening Lotion With Vitamin E

Rs. 180

Rich creamy Skin brightening Lotion enriched with Saffron and vitamin E helps to lighten skin complexion.

It protects the skin from further darkening. Regular usage of this lotion makes skin deeply moisturized and remarkably fairer.

Package contains: 1 Saffron Whitening Lotion
Skin type: Suitable for all skin types
Quantity: 120 ml

Saffron, Glycerin, Aloevera Extract, Vitamin E


Rich in manganese, Saffron regulates blood sugar gives you glowing skin. The potassium in it helps with cell formation and repair. Enriched with many vitamins and antioxidants makes it beneficial in Skin brightening and moisturization.

  • Nourishing, Soft, supple skin
  • Lightened Skin tone
  • Long lasting softness and protection
Gently apply in circular motions to body and face every morning and evening for hydrated skin. For best results, use twice a day.

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