Skin bleaching is used to lighten dark and pigmented areas on the skin. Most of the time we use bleaching creams, and chemical peels to help lighten the pigmented areas. The creation of melanin can depend on person to person. Melanin is the natural pigment made by skin cells. People with darker skin have more melanin and vice versa. Bleaching is an alternative way to look fairer and also prevent skin damage due to pollution, unhealthy lifestyles and much more.  

The benefits of bleaching are as follows: 

  1. Bleach helps you rid yourself of the tan and helps even out your skin tone.  
  2. It helps hide skin discolouration such as dark spots, acne and freckles.  
  3. Unlike waxing, bleaching is a painless process.  

What are the ingredients used in bleach? 

A natural bleach for face is made of various chemicals mainly hydrogen peroxide. This decreases melanin production, lightens facial hair and removes tan. Another agent is called hydroquinone. It cures hyperpigmentation and thereby makes your skin brighter.  

How to apply bleach at home? 

  • Start with a small patch test to determine if the bleach reacts positively on your skin.  
  • Do not apply the bleach to sensitive areas.  
  • Keep ice cubes near you in case you experience irritation.  
  • Tie your hair to avoid your hair getting bleached.  
  • Read the instructions carefully as each brand has its own separate set of rules on how to bleach your face.  

 The procedure: 

  • Mix the cream and the powder in the packet well 
  • Apply the mixture to the face and avoid the eyebrows.  
  • Leave the mixture on the skin for 15 mins or lesser depending on the instructions on the packet.  
  • Use cotton balls to rinse off the bleach. 
  • Pat your skin dry 

Post bleach Skincare 

Avoid going out in the sunlight after you have bleached your skin. Sunlight is known to increase the melanin production in your body. If you have to step out then try using a sunscreen lotion. Massage your skin post a bleach with aloe vera to give it a soothing relief. 

While most of us do not like using natural bleach there is an alternative to this. A herbal bleach can be best suited for people with sensitive skin. The fruit extracts from herbal bleach can give off a youthful glow and blend the facial hair easily. Herbal bleachis known to yield better results and has no side effects as the ingredients present in them are all-natural. Some of the ingredients are lemon peel, neem leaf and papaya seed extract. Neem can help clear your skin. Papaya contains Vitamin A and lemon has a high concentration of Vitamin C which helps with evening your skin tone.   

So, the next time you are looking for bleach, ensure that you do a patch test and try to use herbal bleach as these cause no irritation and burning on the skin. Check out the bleaches at Oxyglow and get your glow on! 

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