Meet Claire! Claire is a specialist market researcher and attends meetings for most of her day. While at a meeting Claire was giving a presentation and suddenly there was a desire to itch a part of her leg that was bothering her all day. Since it wouldn’t look very lady-like of Claire, it’s all she could think about and tries to rush through the presentation only to get to that itch.  

Most of us reading this article can relate to Claire. In this case, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out some tips on using a natural body lotion to keep dry skin at bay.  

When searching for the right moisturizer, always be sure to look for how your body reacts to it. You would want to invest in a moisturizer that reacts well with your skin and has good ingredients.  

When choosing the perfect body lotion for women, you will need to also consider the quantity of lotion that is prescribed to be used. Some lotions are light and require very minimal usage. For others, you can just slather it on. This sometimes can be the cause of wastage or in other cases quick consumption of a lotion. Before investing in the lotion make sure you read the instructions and then decide on the quantity you would require.  

There are different types of lotions for different weather types. A light body lotion is used for the summers and body butter and thick lotions are used for winters. Moisturize more in the winters and less in the summers.  

The next time you are in the shower, make sure you do not crank up the temperature. This causes the skin to dry and you would need more lotion to make up for the damage caused. You would need to apply a moisturizer to damp skin. Apply a moisturizer just after the shower. It leaves your skin hydrated for a longer period. Make sure to use an exfoliator before your moisturizer.  

All of us are busy. We tend to avoid using a moisturizer. Try and set some time in the day to apply a moisturizer just before bed or in the morning. You will see results soon. Choose the apt lotion. If you cannot decide, go to Oxyglow and get one today.  




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