Dry skin is when your skin dries out because it does not have enough moisture. It is not usually serious, but it can be not very pleasant.

Signs you have dry skin-

Flaky, dry skin surface

Fine lines may develop easily

Pores barely visible

Skin easily irritated

Let’s help you combat dry skin problems!

Here are tips for soothing dry skin!

1) Trade Hot showers for warm showers

Extended exposure to water, especially hot water, can strip the skin of essential oils that protect the skin barrier. Be a little cautious and take a shorter bath in lukewarm water. The same applies to a face wash too. Avoid using very hot water on your face. Your facial skin is even more delicate than the skin on your body. For washing your face, you can use specially designed organic face wash for dry skin and avoid harsh chemical-based cleansers as they are highly toxic and rob the moisture off your skin.

2) Make a Switch to perfume-free cleansers and gentle liquid soap

Soaps that smell extremely nice are often harmful to your skin. The fragrance in the cleansing products comes from some harmful chemicals present in them. These chemicals are unhealthy for the skin. It is thus advisable to avoid scented soaps when you start a dry skincare regimen and go for gentle liquid soap to keep your skin protected from harsh chemical effects.

3) Always pat dry; never rub

Never make the mistake of rubbing your body or face dry with a towel. Always pat dry. Rubbing the skin will remove all the moisture and leave it flaky and itchy. Skincare for dry skin involves using a soft towel. So, get a soft towel and be gentle to your skin.

4) Apply Intensive care moisturizer right after a bath

Your skin loses a lot of moisture when you wash it. To replenish the lost moisture’s skin and make it soft and supple, apply a good intensive care moisturizer immediately after you take a bath like Rich creamy and Intensive Moisturizing Lotion enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E by Oxy Glow Cosmetics, which helps in maintaining the natural moisture balance of the skin. It even makes the driest skin smooth. This is one of the best dry skin remedies and best moisturizer for dry skin.

Advice: Get a different lotion or cream for your face as the face is softer and needs a gentler moisturizer.

5) Avoid direct exposure to the sun

The rays of the sun are harsh and can cause your skin to dry up and even cause rashes on your skin. It is essential to protect your skin from these harmful rays. If you can’t avoid going out in the sun, opt for an SPF-based body lotion for dry skin. It can be advantageous in such cases to protect you from harsh rays and moisturize your skin.

6) Be cautious about hair removal

If you like using a hair removal cream, opt for one that combines oils and moisturizers in it. If you prefer shaving, always use some lather before using the razor, or if you go for waxing, ensure you moisturize your skin well after it. Apply a good moisturizer after removing hair to keep your skin healthy and supple.

There is indeed a lot that you can do to soothe dry skin but keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and you will be able to keep the dryness of the skin at bay and soothe it!

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