“Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time!”  

“Skincare=Self Care”  

However, one must be smart enough to differentiate between the skincare products that need to be spent money on and those that are not too important to spend hard-earned money upon. Here through this blog, we will decode for you where to invest money in your skincare and where not to make an intelligent decision in the coming days related to skincare products.  

Spend money on these skincare products:  

It’s a Skin-Vestment!  

1) Sunscreens  

Spend money on sunscreens, and it is an essential part of skincare, no matter what the weather is. It hydrates, replenishes, soothes, and slows down the ageing of the skin. Go for sunscreens that have SPF, so it protects you from harmful UV rays.  

SPF is your BFF!  

If you are confused about what sunscreens to go for the ones with SPF, go for Aloe vera and Carrot Sun Cover Lotion for the body by Oxy Glow Cosmetics. For face Aloe Vera and Carrot Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 or Aloe Vera Sun Block Cream SPF 40 by Oxy Glow Cosmetics, it would protect your skin from the sun without breaking your bank and being a wise investment to make on for your skin.  

2) Moisturizers  

Moisturize your skin this Winter!  

As Winter is around and skin is prone to being dry, it is wise to spend money on a good moisturizer to pamper your skin! The moisturizer goes on the skin every day and stays for hours. Thus it is essential to invest in a high-quality moisturizer.  

Go for Intensive Moisturizing Lotion enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E by Oxy Glow Cosmetics; it is suitable for all skin types and highly recommended for dry skin types. It is the best moisturizer for dry skin. So, this Winter, invest in good moisturizer without thinking much and give your skin the pampering it deserves.  

Suppose you are looking for something for getting rid of dry skin; check the Oxy Glow website. You will find the best body cream for dry skin enriched with moisturizing goodness on their website to work deep within the dry skin.  

3) Serums  

Life is short buy the serum!  

Serums help to battle inflammation and protect against harsh outdoor elements. So, it’s always a wise decision to spend a little bit of time researching serums available in the market and then spend on the correct one according to your daily requirements. Splurging money on serum can never go wrong as it will also incorporate the skincare benefits you desire.  

Save money on these skincare products!  

1) Face Masks  

Face masks are used as an extra boost or treatment to your skin. It is packed with active ingredients that will immerse your skin in intense hydration in 20 mins. If you want a boost of hydration or blemish control, you do not have to splurge on this item.   

If you want a face mask that is budget-friendly and yet efficient with its results, you can go for a D-tan mask by Oxy Glow Cosmetics for a healthy-looking face.   

2) Toners  

Toner adds moisture to your skin, so; you need not go for expensive toners. Moisturizers work the same and more efficiently compared to toners.   

Now you are all set to enhance your skincare routine by making the right decision where to spend money and where to save money on skincare products through this blog!

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