In today’s times, men have also realized the importance of skincare. Since skin problems affect people irrespective of their gender, one should not back away from taking care of their skin. 

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration before choosing a skincare product for your face. There are basic common factors like environmental exposure, UV rays, pollution, dirt, and stress. They cause- 

  • dark spots 
  • dull skin 
  • pimples 
  • uneven skin tone 
  • clogged pores 

 These are the regular problems. Men and women have different types of skin. Men have the hormone testosterone in their bodies which makes their skin become oilier, tougher and sweatier.  

While women generally have less oily, sensitive skin which is prone to wrinkles earlier than men.  

Products should be targeted at the root of the skin problem, which affects both genders. For example, getting acne/pimples is a universal problem, and both women and men can use the same products to treat and heal their skin.  

It is advised to follow a skincare routine that protects from such harmful factors. Women and men can follow this routine to get clear glowing skin.  


  1. Wash your face with the OxyGlow Neem Tulsi face wash. It has neem, tulsi, marigold extract, rose water to gently remove impurities and cleanse the face thoroughly. The properties of the facewash are, it- 
  • restores optimum skin balance 
  • is antimicrobial 
  • kills acne-causing germs

 2. Use the OxyGlow Day Care cream SPF 15. It is a daily-use face cream for men and women. You can use it as it suits all skin types, from oily to normal. It will provide ample moisturization on a man’s face without making it too oily. 

Similarly, it will balance a woman’s face without disrupting the pH. It has many benefits like – 

  • protects from the sun’s harmful rays 
  • reduces chances of pigmentation 
  • reduces uneven skin tone 
  • hydrates and nourishes  
  • restores youthful skin 

 It is the best face cream for men and women as they are heading out of the house. It keeps the skin supple while preventing sun damage.   

 3. For improved skin texture, and to get a radiant glow, use the OxyGlow Black face mask. It- 

  • removes blackheads 
  • makes skin smoother 
  • is anti-aging 

 Apply it to your face on a day off, and let the magic unfold. You will see brighter-looking skin in no time.  

 To achieve amazing clear skin is not easy, but with these steps, it is quite simple!  

 All the best in your skin endeavors! 


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