When one thinks of the word ‘coal’, one thinks of barbeque nights and miners. Despite its sooty nature, charcoal has entered the beauty industry and is currently revolutionizing it. This active ingredient found in cleansers, face washes and face masks can absorb pollutants and toxins. Consumers have reviewed it to leaving skin clean both on the surface and in your pores.


How did people start using charcoal in skincare products?

The usage of charcoal dates back to ancient Egypt in 1500 BC. They used charcoal in the process of mummification. Rumour has it that they loved charcoal so much that it was called “black magic”.


Centuries later, charcoal gained popularity in the medical capacity around 400 BC when used to treat anaemia, epilepsy and vertigo. Surgical procedures and burns used charcoal as it drew out the nasty disease and left clean flesh behind.


After the medical field, the beauty and skincare industry came up with activated charcoal (we wouldn’t advise digging up your barbeque grill just yet). Activated charcoal is made by exposing its raw materials to steam or oxygen at a temperature above 250°C. This oxidation process is what activates the charcoal thereby making it an agent of filtration in pastes, scrubs and face washes. The charcoal then becomes absorbent, allowing for bacteria, toxin and dirt from the skin’s pores to be removed easily. When washed off, the dirt goes away. Kind of like a magnet pulling and making the impurities cling to the charcoal.


Marketing of charcoal face wash began in 2014 with a specific focus on acne treatment. As things’ stick’ to charcoal, it helps clear pores. After you comb your hair, it could attract paper lightly, so the carbon attracts dirt on the skin’s surface and does not go into your pores.


Men risk exposure to smog and cigarette smoke more often than our female counterparts. Since we are not big on skincare routines, these could lead to enlarged pores and accelerated ageing making our skin look dull and uneven. With a proper charcoal face wash for men, we can reverse and prevent this acceleration. Our skin has the power to absorb, and this can be viewed as a blessing and a curse. While toxins can enter our face, we can also get refreshed with a charcoal face wash.


A charcoal face wash for men can also tighten the appearance of pores and gently exfoliate the skin. It leaves the skin cleaner and breakout free.


Just try a charcoal face wash and see spa-like results at home!


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