Women use bleach as it not only helps hide your facial hair but let’s face it, it’s a quicker way to a bright and clean face.  

The benefits of face bleaching are as follows: 

  1. It gives you a brighter look instantly as the chemicals in the bleach turn your facial hair into a golden color.  
  2. Bye-bye threading- All of us women dread the idea of having to go to the parlor for the painful process of threading or waxing our face. Bleaching is a much better option for that pain.  

However rosy that may seem, a lot of bleaches nowadays contain harmful chemicals in them which could cause several skin problems. 

Some skin bleaching products could give your complexion an uneven color and this could, in turn, worsen the dark spots on your skin. A few products could damage the skins’ ability to heal and some could cause chemical reactions. The products to watch out for are hydrogen and benzoyl peroxide. These cause stains on the skin and lead to a darker complexion. Women who have acne and eczema are to watch out for allergic reactions to certain bleach products. You could contact dermatitis if you are not too careful. Most bleaching products make the skin vulnerable to UV rays.  

Now the purpose of this article is to help ease your fears. Synthetic products can always cause adverse effects on your skin and hence the only solution to these are herbal products. Herbal products are known to yield better results with no side effects due to the natural ingredients present in them. Some herbal bleach creams contain natural ingredients such as lemon peel powder, Neem leaf powder, and papaya seed extract. Neem can help clear skin and make it healthy. Papaya naturally contains Vitamin A which helps skin glow and keep it nourished. Lemon is known to have a high content of Vitamin C and this helps with an even skin tone.  

Herbal bleach can be best suited for people with sensitive and even for hypersensitive skin types. The fruit extracts can give off a youthful glow while blending in the facial hair evenly.  

An  oxy bleach for face  can help oily skin users with their pores by opening it up. Bleaching is not only a way to look fairer but it also helps prevent cell damage on your skin caused by some factors like pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, and much more. An oxy bleach for the face is the safest way one can try out bleaching even if you have never done so in your life.  






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