Who doesn’t want to look young forever? Everyone desires the everlasting radiant glow of youth and beauty on their faces. Getting it might be a hard first step, but maintaining it is a whole another level of difficult. You might look up all the dull skin remedie online to tackle the issue proactively, but you can’t be too sure about those.   

What you eat, how you eat, what you do, where you go, everything can impact your skin and looks. Your entire lifestyle can easily dictate how your skin can prosper or wither away. It’s quite apparent as well. How your life goes on, it shows on your face. People can even deduce by looking at your face if things are going well or not in your life.   

So, no treatment will help with your dull skin as long as you are not living your life right.   

How lifestyle can be a factor?  

  • Not getting enough of your ‘Beauty Sleep’ – If you are not getting your daily 7-8 hours of slumber, we have got bad news for you. Good sleep lets your body function efficiently and optimize the hormones for human skin, including collagen. And with the current fast-paced lifestyle, sleep is necessary.  
  • Excessive alcohol & smoking – Alcohol hurts not only your body on the inside, but also damages your skin by dehydrating it. Even smoking deoxygenates your blood and speeds up your ageing process.  
  • Stress-induced life with minimal physical activity – With too much stress and too little peace in 21st-century lifestyle, your skin is bound to take the brunt. There’s so much work these days that people don’t get time to look after their physical well-being.   
  • Too much sun – Too much direct sun is bad for your skin as it causes discoloration and wrinkles. It also enhances the aging process, making you look older. Too much sun might also give you melanoma.  
  • Eating junk food–Junk food contains all the artificial and chemical ingredients which can be bad for your health and your skin. Even not drinking enough water hurts your skin.  

A bit of Skin-Friendly Advice  

With a fast and hectic lifestyle, minor changes in your lifestyle will go a long way. These changes are as good as any dull skin treatment you’ll find from a specialist.  

  • Try taking out 30 minutes daily for Yoga, Pilates or Cardio.  
  • Drink a lot of water. 3 liters a day would do the trick.  
  • Try introducing omega-3 fatty acids, berries, and nuts in your diet.  
  • Cleanse your skin whenever you get the chance after you come back home after staying outdoors.   



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