Aloe Vera - The True Grandma-favored Ingredient for Hydrating Skin and Hair

Aloe Vera - The True Grandma-favored Ingredient for Hydrating Skin and Hair

When it comes to Hydrating our skin, Aloe Vera is a Hero ingredient that loads our skin with multi faceted benefits.

From Skincare to Hair care, it is one among the classic miracle ingredient that has its multi-rewarding benefits 

Enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidation and astringent properties, Aloe Vera became a staple ingredient to heal acne breakouts, sunburns, pigmentation, scars and dry patches.

Belonging to succulent plant species, Aloe Vera grows anywhere in a huge quantities. Due to its natural humectant properties, it not only hydrates skin from deep within, but it also helps to re-balance and rebuild the skin cells making it youthful again.

“Hydrating and soothing, it works for all skin types”.

Aloe Vera for Skin

Whether its a sunburn, dehydration or acne-prone skin, aloe vera can heal it all. It contains 75 constituents such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, salicylic acids and amino acids, together play a major role in improving skin’s health.

Our skin is composed of collagen and elastin. Aloe vera has certain structural proteins to treat skin and keep it elastic and resilient. Aloe vera slows down the enzymes responsible for breaking down this composition, thus keeping skin supple, elastic and healthy for a longer time.

Oxyglow Aloe vera and Apple face Massage Gel 

Oxyglow Aloe vera and Apple face Massage Gel is a cooling gel textured massage product to treat and soothen up your raw and rough skin. A gentle moisturiser that act as a tall drink of water for a parched, flaky face. 

Works in three minutes to slather it to get soothe and hydrate skin and reverse redness. 

Apple is a natural antioxidant with calming properties to prevent cell and tissue damage. Reactive Skin joins with Aloe vera to heal and repair the skin further. 

Abundant in elastin and collagen, Apples keep skin young. Vitamin A, B complex and vitamin C and minerals firm up the skin and help maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. The vitamin E in the apple keep skin soft and hydrated.

Aloe vera and Carrot Oil Sunscreen with SPF 30+++

Sunscreen with light-weight creamy texture. It not only improves the skin's moisture barrier, provides a broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling intensely hydrated.

Aloe vera and Citrus Deep Cleansing Milk

A Deep formula Cleansing milk that gently removes dirt , impurities and makeup from the skin without disturbing Skin's pH balance. It has Hydrating properties to refresh skin instantly. Presence of Aloe vera heals sun scars, redness and blemishes.

Aloe vera and Cucumber Extract Skin Toner

This Toner by OxyGlow is effective for toning, hydration and pH balanced skin. Regular use of this Cucumber Skin toner reduces the appearance of open pores, oily or dull skin.

Intensive Moisturizing Lotion 

Rich creamy and Intensive Moisturizing Lotion enriched with Aloe vera and vitamin E helps in maintaining the natural moisture balance of the skin.

It makes even the driest skin smooth. The essential oils present in this product heal and impart a healthy glow.

Aloe vera for Hair

Aloe vera is a potent cure to hair fall and thinning. Rich in certain proteolytic enzymes to repair the damaged cells on the scalp.

Healing properties to revive damaged hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties soothe itching and flaking. 

Aloe vera gel on its own has been found effective in reducing dandruff. Using herbal shampoos, conditioners and masks that use aloe as their hero ingredient can really help condition and smoothen hair.

Aloe vera conditions and detangles hair. It gives strands healthy self without weighing them down.

Hair Spa Cream

OxyGlow Hair Spa Cream is effective treatment for dry, frizzy and damaged hair to restore moisture for Healthy, bouncy and strong hair. 

It contains Aloe vera as a Hero ingredient combined with active oils in cream form to provide deep moisturization to dry scalp, roots and hair follicles. 

Say Goodbye to damaged hair, split ends and nourish frizzy hair.