“Enhancing the Natural Glow of Beautiful You”

OxyGlow is continuously offering its consumers a wide range of skincare; health and beauty care products for both men and women. Combining Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Oxyglow manufactures Natural beauty products containing herbal components and organic ingredients. The ingredients comprise of herbs, flowers, fruit extracts, essential oils and other natural substances.

OxyGlow also offers its consumers an exclusive beauty experience through its products that are ideal to cure various beauty related ailments as well. Manufactured in the wardenship of Trusted Skincare Experts, all products are made of 100% Herbal ingredients. With over 25 years of research and development, each and every product of Oxyglow has met global safety and excellent quality standards.


Vijay Parkash Gupta


A person full of life, energy, and optimism. Having an inclination towards research and development of new products, Mr. Vijay Prakash Gupta introduced Black rose kali mehndi and Color mate in India. With over more than 40 years of experience in this industry, in 2008, Mr. Vijay Parkash Gupta made the Heena Group dive into Personal Health and Beauty Care Market. With the mission to satisfy the diverse beauty needs of customers who seek natural beauty products, he introduced “Oxyglow cosmetics and herbals” in India, which offers a varied range of 100% natural beauty products. Under his guidance, the brand immediately got recognition as one of the prominent Cosmetic brand in domestic and international market. 

Vikas Jain


A visionary, & inspirational director. Mr. Vikas Jain presented OxyGlow Cosmetics in 2008 with his motto to create “ Nature’s care” products at affordable prices in India. Directing his Actions to his vision, Oxyglow is now an established Cosmetic, Health and personal care brand not just in India but in Nepal, UK, Sri Lanka, Canada , yemen, South Africa and Muscat.

Rachit Gupta

Managing Director

An entrepreneur with excellent managerial skills. Mr. Rachit Gupta expanded Oxyglow Cosmetics to reach new levels of customer satisfaction. A leader, who performs with his team to create a supportive company culture that fosters growth for individuals as well as the organization. He aims to introduce and promote Oxyglow cosmetics to every corner of the globe.

Natural Ingredients In Our Products 

" All our products are derived naturally with expert scientific research and development. We use only high quality natural ingredients that create a well balanced and nourishing formulation that feeds and enhances your skin "

- Rachit Gupta , Managing Director