Are your Hair Oils really target to solve your Hair concerns?

Are your Hair Oils really target to solve your Hair concerns?

Oiling your hair is definitely the very fundamental ritual in Indian beauty culture. From dryness to hair fall and dandruff, hair oils can help you solve a number of hair issues. But the matter of fact is picking the right hair oil for your hair type.

Its true that “Hydrating and soothing is necessary for all hair types”, But how much hydration and oil you need depends upon your hair condition.

Most traditional oils like virgin coconut oil are helpful in treating all types of hair problems. While most other blends of herbal oils can target the major concerns of hair concerns like dandruff, dryness and hair fall. 

Coconut oil for dry, frizzy hair

Coconut oil is a Hydration burst to dry scalp and mane. Due to its micro composition, Coconut oil penetrates deep into scalp follicles to improve the quality of hair strands. Rich in its hydrating and soothing properties, this oil has been used for centuries now. A great option for your scalp that feels slightly itchy.

An extra boost of nourishment to hair and scalp due to the presence of Lauric acid in coconut oil, that deeply penetrates the hair shaft, nourishing the hair with vitamins, minerals and the medium-chain fatty acids. 

Massage warm oil into the scalp and let it sit overnight. Wash it off with mild shampoo and conditioner to see how your hair feels shiny and nourished in the morning.

Bhringraj oil for hair fall

An ancient herb that has its significance in Ayurveda for many years in treating hair loss and premature graying. A potent herbal oil that inhibits dandruff and helps keep hair shining with health. Known to activate your hair follicles to boost growth, this oil can also aid in tackling scalp concerns like dandruff and sensitivity. 

Use it as an overnight treatment for best results. OxyGlow Bhringraj Revitalizing hair oil has a strong earthy scent that offers a calming, meditative effect.

Bhringraj Revitalizing Hair Oil

Amla and Shikakai Hair Oil 

Amla is an edible fruit of a species of small leafy Indian tree, called amlica embilicus. Rich in its vitamin C content, this fruit has its great properties in oil extracted from it, which is used as a hair conditioner. For Thin & limp hair, Amla and Shikakai Oil, are both good options, since they are lighter in consistency than coconut oil but slightly heavier than Argan oil.

Shikakai is also rich in minerals and vitamins like copper, zinc and Vitamins C, B and E, helps promote hair growth by giving your scalp a collagen boost. In the end, OxyGlow Amla and Shikakai Oil is an ideal hair oil for those who have thinning hair, along with dandruff and hair fall issues.Amla and Shikakai Hair Oil

Argan Oil as Serum for Wet hair 

While everyone desires a thick, luscious mane, nobody enjoys it when it is coarse and frizzy during humid Monsoon climate. Argan oil when applied just after shower and conditioner, on the ends of hair, like a serum can help tame and control hair frizz, while providing it with much-needed moisture.

Harvested and extracted from the nut of the Argan tree, This “ Liquid Gold “ oil is extremely rich in essential Fatty Acids and abundant in Antioxidants. High in vitamin E, OxyGlow Argan oil increase hair's elasticity and restore shine to dull, lifeless hair.