Face oil to treat Oily or Acne-prone skin

Face oil to treat Oily or Acne-prone skin

It seems erratic to put oil on your face especially when you already have oily, acne-prone or combination skin. But Skin experts say oil is crucial for Hydration but it depends on both the oil and your skin.

Why and how your skin produces oil?

Yes it’s true that our skin naturally produces oil. Moreover, this oil production plays a very important role in keeping our skin hydrated by protecting the outer layer of the skin.

But, the only oil you probably know about is Sebum, which is secreted by the skin's sebaceous glands and contributes to the noticeable oiliness on the face.

Other than Serum, skin cells produce lipids (fats and oils) in the Stratum corneum, the protective outer layer of skin to majorly protect the skin against water loss. 

Collectively, these oils are effective in keeping your skin-protected, soft, seal hydration in and shield against allergens and pathogens and most important in keeping the stratum corneum intact.

The Science of Oils hydrating our skin

Naturally, all oils are hydrophobic in nature, even the ones produced by your skin. So, they act as barrier to keep water from escaping.

 “Hydration is a function of water balance, so oils help hold water in and prevent the environment from stripping it out”

Skin oils that your face naturally produces are essential in maintaining the barrier and minimizing water loss, which in turn is favorable for healthy, hydrated skin.

 Also, Skin Oils prevent outside chemicals and irritants from entering the skin.

Why apply oil, when my skin already produces oil?

For this, you consider your skin as wall, skin cells as bricks and lipids (fats and oils) representing the mortar. 

So, if your skin is not producing enough oils to stick skin cells, they separate and let water start to escape from your skin causing dryness and flakiness.

 In case of Dry skin, it does not naturally produce sufficient oil to keep that outer layer of skin functional of keeping “hydration inside”.

On the other hand, Oily Skin produces too much oil (serum).

 Acne-Prone and Oily Skin Problem

 But all this is not that simple. Most people with acne-prone skin use harsh skin-care products that further dry out skin. As an outcome, their skin start to produce more oil in response to dryness.

Also, they tend to think that a moisturiser will make the problem worse.  But in actual sense, neglecting to hydrate your skin is a key component in excess sebum production.

Combination Skin Problem

People with combination skin having both dry and oily skin use some type of moisturizer.

But the dilemma lies, whether or not an oil will help moisturize your skin? Again, it depends on your skin type and the oil.

Why use Facial oils?

Now, your mind, will be asking if our skin naturally produce oil, why do we need to apply additional oils?

 The basic idea is that applying oil on your face is to supplement the natural oils your skin is (or isn’t) producing like an additional effort to add moisture to your skin and help repair the barrier to keep that moisture in.

Oils that treat Acne /oily skin and give Hydration

A mix of certain oils can help treat acne and maintain oil balance. Oils that end up forming more of a protective barrier on its skin surface, rather than actually penetrating the skin are of no use.

Even though they are moisturizing but in reality they fail to hydrate your skin.

One should use oils composed of smaller fatty acids molecules, small enough to get through skin barrier and penetrate to deeper layers and strengthen the Stratum corneum.

For Instance, Argan Oil can actually help repair the Skin barrier for acne-prone skin and is especially formulated for intense skin hydration.

Due to its Lightweight and silky texture, Argan oil absorbs rapidly and do not leave behind any greasy coating.

When mixed with some other oils Walnut oil, Tulsi Oil Extract, Sesame Seed oil, Jojoba oil, Wheat germ oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Almond oil, rich in antioxidants or anti-inflammatory properties, add skincare bonus.

Effective in other Skin concerns, like skin ageing, stretch marks and uneven skin tone, the biggest benefit that comes with Argan oil is its moisturizing benefit.

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