Hair Oils to revive your hair

Hair Oils to revive your hair

How your Scalp becomes Unhealthy?

Pollution, climate change, dirt and to remove that dirt, washing your hair with the harsh products. All these not just clog your hair pores, but drastically disturb the actual pH of your scalp, which in consequence can increase more problems. To stop these additional problems to hit your scalp and hair, oiling them is always the best option.

There can be two evidences to inspect when something is wrong with your scalp. Either the scalp will be completely dry and starts to feel itchy. Or it starts to produce excess sebum from hair follicles. Both the causes can linger upon dead skin cells making it much harder for your hair to grow and thrive properly. 

Growing humidity in the atmosphere also make your hair greasy and frizzy. It not only disturbs the overall texture of the hair but make it prone to breakage and damage.

Nourishing Oils can revive damaged hair and promote hair growth. Hair oils can help you tackle almost any hair concern.

Hair Oils that can really help grow back your hair

Its true when they say that “ strength comes from the roots.” Same goes with our Scalp and hair follicles. When our scalp is healthy, automatically will be our hair.  The fatty acids present in oil binds hair together and make it less prone to damage.

What Hair Oils do to our Scalp?

Hair Oils are rich in soothing as well as nutritive properties that it helps in stimulating hair follicles and also exfoliate the scalp to remove the setted product-build up. When you massage oil into your scalp, it should penetrate into deep so that it helps increase hair thickness and making hair follicle cells live again.

Massaging hair oils into the scalp can help improve blood circulation, and the oil fortifies the hair shaft from root to tip.

Consider hair oil as a sealant to your hair cuticle, that closes the gaps and help it to heal. this way, your hair looks silkier and shinier. 

Hair Oils improves the tensile strength of the hair, by reducing frizz and preventing breakage.