How to get rid of your stubborn acne - fast

How to get rid of your stubborn acne - fast

Some skincare products make big claims—especially those that are supposed to treat your acne.

 A normal typical breakout of zit acne, which starts with a slight pain beneath the skin with no changes on the surface.

Within few days, they come out as painful red pimples, staying for a few weeks and then settle after leaving a scar.

We all have been gone through this painful experience once.

But when your skin breaks out like hell for months leaving your skin super inflamed, horribly painful and very red, You better take a note cause you might be suffering from Cystic acne.

Why your acne is not healing?

Treating your acne, is another step. But to prevent breakouts even before they start seems commonsensical.

Most people with acne-prone skin become so use to harsh skin-care products that actually further dry out their skin. As an outcome of this, their skin start to produce more oil ( Sebum) in response to dryness and can worsen their acne.

Thinking that oil in your skin is the major cause of acne, they exclude moisturizer from their skincare.

But in actual sense, neglecting to hydrate your skin is a key component in excess sebum production.

Prevention is always better than cure

May be you are okay with normal acne, But to prevent breakouts even before they convert into cystic acne seems like a valid notion.

To do so, Actionable Skincare regimen enriched with anti-oxidant ingredients is effective.

It is found that products enrich with natural extracts  (like neem, aloevera etc.) are effectual to calm the inflammation and reduce the throbbing sensation due to Acne.

Skin Care Regimen for Treating Acne

Wash your face at least twice a day with a mild cleanser or face wash to remove the impurities, dead skin cells and extra oil that causes acne.

Most dermatologist recommend cleanser and Face wash with Salicylic acid and Menthol can actually prevent Acne.

Neem and Tulsi Face wash rich in anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can actually help to kill the bacteria responsible for skin infections. Effectively suppress existing pimples and even prevent skin to break out more.

Oxyglow Neem and Tulsi Face wash

Next step after toning and cleansing is Skin Hydration. Use an oil-free moisturizer to hydrate and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Using mild oils like Argan and Jojoba oil for skin hydration is also a worthy alternative.

Non-greasy, lightweight and profoundly rich in anti-microbial properties, Mild Oils can actually reduce the production of oils in skin (majorly Sebum) and maintain Hydration level.

 Oxyglow Argan oil

Follow what Dermatologist say

To treat Cystic Acne, Dermatologist consider a combination of products containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and hydrocortisone.

Salicylic acid dry out extra oil, benzoyl peroxide is effective enough to kill the bacteria, and hydrocortisone calms inflammation and redness.

Mandatory Hygiene Tips

(1) One simple ingredient that all Dermatologist prefer to soothe your pimples is applying Ice over breakouts. Effective remedy to narrow down the small blood vessels feeding the painful cyst.

Gently rubbing ice over pimple and breakouts can definitely reduce the redness and size of the acne.

(2) Never ever pop your pimples, because if you pop, the cyst spreads on your skin and can enhance more pimples to grow.

(3) Always keep your hands off your pimples. How hygienic you can be, but your hands will always catch up bacteria and dirt in no time. Putting your dirty hands on pimples will only raise the infection.

(4) Do not take stress. They say the more stress you take, more worse is your acne.