How to make your Morning shower fresher?

How to make your Morning shower fresher?

May be you have a complicated relationship with showers- but you just can’t ignore one, especially in summers.

I know, we all go through this dilemma of Shower every morning, where we’re “Too lazy to get to take one, but once we're in there, we don't want to step out. “

Obviously a mandatory part of personal hygiene, getting your body clean has now turn into short-lived ritual.

It’s okay if Shower for you is a wake-up call - like an attempt to shake off the shackles of sleep, it’s in our best interests to make it as pampering as possible. And one way to do that is using shower gel.

Morning or Evening Shower?

Even though, it is advisable to take Shower both the times during summer season. God bless you if you do so.

Otherwise, in winter season, Dermatologists say that an evening shower is also good for your skin because it cleans it before sleep.

Also, if you're an allergy sufferer, a night shower can help wash pollen off your skin and hair before you try to go to sleep.

Exploring Shower gels

 A shower gel is more than a scented gel that instantly put you in a great mood. But, yes its true to make you and your bathroom smell like a spa.

Since shower gels are water-based, they are good moisturizers for skin. Especially, if you’re someone unblessed with super delicate, dry or eczema-prone skin, they can be fruitful for you.

Dermatologist say that shower gels are formulated with essential fatty acids and vitamins which help your skin retain moisture and softness long after you’re done showering.

They are less-harsh on skin than soaps and for their extra calming and soothing ingredients, they are better conditioners.

Moringa shower gel can make you smells as beautiful as Moringa flowers. Enriched with Moringa leaves extracts, helps to give you radiant skin glow and purifies the skin from deep inside.

Rich in Anti-oxidants and due to its anti-septic property, this shower gel is effective therapy for rashes.

Formulated with glycerin, aloe vera and vitamin C, it hydrates the skin leaving it smooth, fresh and glowing.

Oxyglow Moringa Shower gel


How to use Shower gel?

Take few drops of your favorite shower gel on bathe Sponge, loofah or pouf to produce great lather. Gently scrub all over your body and rinse it all off.