Mom’s guide to Why use Sunscreens in summers for Everyday Sun protection

Mom’s guide to Why use Sunscreens in summers for Everyday Sun protection

Do you apply sunscreen every day? Good! Are you reapplying it every few hours? More than Good!

But if you are not, you better start it. Especially in summers, when heat effect is high, Stepping out in the sun without sun protection is a big No No.

From acne to skin irritation, Sun rays can cause number of skin issues but Covering your face and body with scarf and full clothes will not protect you from its ill effects.

How should I protect my skin?

Apply Sunscreen. To actually fight back against the effects of the sun’s UV rays, a layer of SPF is arguably the single-most important step in a skin-care regimen.

Why UV is harmful? Let’s discuss the Sun.

Didn’t think so, but Sun exposure to your skin is more than just tan.

The emitting UV rays trigger mutations in the skin causing premature aging, wrinkles, and increase white and dark spots on the skin and in severe cases, skin cancer.

Actually what happens is that the UV rays damages the collagen, responsible for your elastic skin and guess what, you end up looking older than you actually are.

Beyond the Sun Rays

But not just blame the sun, if you are a digital addict, who sit in front of the computer screen all day, you suffer the same.

The Blue light emitted from computer devices, cell phones and TV screens, promote oxidative stress in the skin, and result in inflammation and discolouration.

| One thing is clear for sure, that whether you stay inside or outside, skipping Sunscreen isn’t a best choice. |

Choosing the Right SPF- 30 or 40? – HOW TO USE it For Everyday Protection

Various Sunscreen lotions and Creams come with SPF (Sun Protection factor) ranging from 15, 30 and 40.

SPF only refers to UVB protection, therefore it’s better to look out for sunscreens with Broad Spectrum label to effectively block both UVA (UVA rays penetrate into skin more deeply and are associated with aging) and UVB (causes physical sunburns) rays hitting your skin.

(1) SPF 30+++ Sunscreen: Choosing a SPF 30 sunscreen provides 97% Sun protection, which means that only 3 % of UVB rays hit your skin. SPF 30 would take 30 times longer for the skin to burn than compared to not wearing sunscreen. Fair Deal!

How to use: Apply it on face, neck, chest, hands, and top of ears to block half the radiation.

Enriched with the ultra-replenishing power of Aloevera and carrot extracts, this Sunscreen is excellent when the summer heat is in full effect.

Extremely lightweight, water resistant and reef safe.

Oxyglow Aloe vera and Carrot cream- SPF 30+++

(2) SPF 40+++ Sunscreen: SPF 40 sunscreen provides a little more protection from UVA Rays which attributes to signs of ageing. These UVA rays are so harmful that can even penetrate a glass, so even if you're not out and about, you can still be exposed. 

Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 40 also protect against visible light, including blue light.

Using lotions and creams containing Aloe vera can calm your skin and treat sunburns.

Oxyglow Aloe vera and carrot cream- SPF 40+++

The First Priority:

Now that you know Why and which sunscreen to use, you keep up a reminder of slathering it on in the first place.

Using Sun screen Lotion with SPF 30 for everyday protection can also help minimize redness, swelling, and long-term skin damage.

Oxyglow sunscreen lotion SPF 30