Step 1: Fruit Enzyme Face Cleanser:

Enzyme Face cleanser. Enriched with Pineapple & lemon juice: ultimate sources for Vitamin C & antioxidants, It helps get rid of deeply set dirt & impurities, leaving skin clean & fresh. It also helps in restoring natural balance.

Usage: Gently clean your face and Begin your facial with this natural Fruit

Step 2: Bearberry Fruit Facial Scrub:

Bearberry Facial scrub helps remove the most stubborn pigmented areas of the skin. Its has whitening effect on the skin and also work towards increasing the cell turnover rate

Usage: After cleansing, with moist hands take little facial scrub and gently rub your neck and face in circular motions to scrape dead skin cells from surface.

Doing Scrub will remove impurities, pollutants, oil and dirt from deep pores to purify skin. Rinse off with cold water.

Step 3: Fruit Enzyme with Vitamin E Massage Cream:

Composed of natural oils & fruits, it works upon skin elasticity & skin polishing. Also enriched with Vitamin E, this fruit massage cream helps in preventing signs of early aging. The result is a smooth, supple, stress free skin.

Usage: Massage your face and neck for about 15 min with Fruit Massage cream in circular and upward motion. Remove gently with moist cotton swab.

Step 4: Fruit Enzyme Mask:

With goodness of fruit enzymes and herbal extracts, this unique mask nourishes & rejuvenates your skin while maintaining its optimum moisture balance. It also leads to skin tightening and helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Usage: After Massaging, apply Fruit Enzyme Mask on neck and face avoiding eyes area. Avoid any movements and talking. Leave it till dry. Clean the mask using moist cotton. This mask help soak out all the dirt and pollution from the pores.

Step 5 : Face cream with fruit extracts:

Laden with exotic herbs, it whitens skins and protects it from harmful effects of environment. Apply twice a day for fresher & brighter looks.

Usage: After Mask, Apply good amount of Fruit Face cream on your face and neck. Let it absorb in your skin.

Step 6: Smooth Skin Serum

This unique product by Oxyglow gives added moisture & nutrients while Penetrating deep into the skin. It prevents dark spots, wrinkles & acne, leading to perfectly hydrated skin with zero stickiness and superb shine.

Usage: Take 2-4 drops of Smooth Skin serum on your face and neck and spread it gently. Let it absorb.