How to use

Step 1: Shampoo your hair: Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, rinse off and towel blot. Now part your hair into 4 sections, Wear gloves and pour Straightening Cream into a non-metallic bowl. 

Step 2: Apply Straightening Cream: Beginning at the nape of the neck, start applying Straightening cream using a tint brush section by section from 1/2 inch off scalp through ends of hair. After applying Straightening Cream to several partings, gently comb with a wide-tooth comb.

Step 3: Wrap your hair: Cover your hair in a plastic wrap. Leave it on for sensitive /color treated hair (10 -25 min), Normal hair (15-30 min) and Resistant dry hair (20-35 min).

Step 4: Rinse Off hair thoroughly with warm water. Towel blot hair and gently remove tangles with wide -tooth comb

Step 5: Blow-dry hair with fingers until 80% dry and then use brush.

Step 6: Flat Ironing: Start ironing each section 2-3 times. Keep hair very straight and tangle free while ironing. Stop ironing when hair feels silky, looks shiny and no longer coated.

Step 7: Applying Neutralizer Cream: Part your hair, Wear gloves and apply Neutralizer with an applicator bottle beginning at nape from scalp through ends. Leave on for 10 minutes and continually smooth hair with fingers so that it remains straight during neutralizing. Rinse off hair with warm water.


    • Always perform a trial strand test first. If hair breaks or discolors, do not straighten.
    • Do not wash, pin, band, braid or clip hair for 48 hours.
    • Never use metallic bowl to pour cream.
    • Wait 14 days before coloring hair.