Package contains

The body spa treatment package contains:

(1) Aloe vera and neem body cleanser: Relax, prepare and allows body to re-generate.

(2) Apricot Exfoliating body polishing gel: Body exfoliating to polish skin, promote cells re-generation, refine pores and offers skin relief.

(3) Herbcomplex revitalizing massage cream: Massage improves skin congesting, improve detoxification of organism and help to relax stiff muscles of whole body.

(4) Body rejuvenating massage oil: It improves blood circulation to supply oxygen and nutrients through the body and cells.

(5) Sandal and aloevera restoring body wrap body: Wraps to re-mineralise the body, re-charge the body with nutrients and elements, boosting moisture in the skin, helping to rejuvenate and relax the body and mind.

(6) Herbcomplex soothing moisturizer: Keeps skin soft and moisturized after the body spa treatment.