Beauty benefits of Activated Charcoal - The Complete Detox Ingredient

Beauty benefits of Activated Charcoal - The Complete Detox Ingredient

One ingredient that completely revolutionized the beauty industry over the year is definitely Activated Charcoal. The wondrous ability of Charcoal to soak up toxins, poisons and deep settled impurities has made it an essential addition in beauty and skincare products.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is made from bone char, peat, coal, coconut shells, petroleum coke, bamboo, sawdust or olive pits. When these organic compounds are exposed to very high temperature, they get activated and turn to fine black dust called as Activated Charcoal.

This whole process of heating alters it’s the internal structure. The resultant activated Charcoal is highly porous with increased surface area, thereby granting activated charcoal its absorptive powers.

Activated charcoal

How Activated charcoal works for your skin?

Now that we know, how charcoal acquires its highly absorptive potential, let’s see how this works miraculously for your skin.

Activated charcoal works like the science of negative and positive charges. While heating up, it acquires a bunch of negative electrical charges that attracts positively charged molecules like toxins, chemicals, and dirt in your skin.

So, when you use charcoal infused products on skin, it traps all the harmful toxins, environmental pollutants, excess sebum and chemicals that are struck in your pores and pulls them out to the surface of the skin so that it can be washed out.


Most cosmetic companies are now creating charcoal infused products like Face and body wash, scrub, masks and soaps to fulfill your Skin-desire of Detoxification.

Scroll ahead to get our edit of best charcoal-based skincare products you need to buy right now

1) Charcoal Face wash - Best suited for Oily Skin

OxyGlow 7 in One Anti-Pigmentation Charcoal face Wash is among the best sellers. Charcoal is combined with kaolin clay and Aloe Vera, and to soak up dust and oil from the deepest layers of your skin.  Its nourishing formula cleanses your skin and won’t dry out it either. 

2) Charcoal Black Face Mask

If you have enlarged pores that are visible enough, then Oxyglow Black Mask is truly a great addition for your everyday skincare routine. Along with main ingredient, this mask contains mineral clay, which helps unclog open pores and reduce inflammation.

If you oily skin, apply all over face, focusing nose, chin and other target areas. Use it twice a week for best results.  Apply it only to your T-zone if you have a combination skin type. 

3) Charcoal Induced Skin Revival Facial

Whether it’s deep cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying need of your skin, all is well relished by this Activated Charcoal Facial. It acts as complete treatment for De-Toxification & Revival of your Skin.

It works to enhance your Glow swaying the signs of Aging and by controlling the excess sebum production.

Charcoal Facial Regimen

Step 1: Cleanse

Gently clean your face with Charcoal Face cleanser to remove dirt and oil from face. This face cleanser will help in restoring natural pH balance of skin and prepare your skin for further treatment.

Step 2: Scrub

Just after you are done with cleansing, Take little amount of Charcoal facial scrub and gently rub your neck and face in circular motions.

Charcoal scrub is mixed with minute apricot exfoliants to scrape away dead skin cells from surface. Rinse off with cold water and pat dry. 

Doing Scrub the right way help remove impurities, pollutants, oil and dirt from deep pores. Its the best way to purify skin and fight Acne causing germs to achieve flawless healthy skin. 

Step 3: Massage

Now, it’s time to stimulate your skin with Massage. Massaging helps to increase blood flow and make skin plump.

Take good amount of Charcoal Massage cream on your palms. You can use fingers or if you have a massager tool ( its’ great!) to massage face and neck.  Do it for about 15 minutes alternatively performing circular and upward motion.

Remove gently with moist cotton swab. This cream penetrates deep into skin layers to condition and nourish skin.

Step 4: Face Mask

The next step is to soothe down your skin. Apply Charcoal Facial Mask on neck and face avoiding eyes area. Avoid any movements and talking. Leave it till dry. Clean the mask using moist cotton. This mask help soak out all the dirt and pollution from the pores.

Step 5: Moisturize

After Mask, Apply good amount of Charcoal Facial cream on your face and neck. This cream will work deeply to re-hydrate & moisturize your skin.


Charcoal is highly effective in absorbing oil, therefore making it the ideal choice for porous, oily skin. It is the best ingredient in season to balance skin pH and detoxification.

Use it in a cleanser or mask, it’s your choice. All that it does is to pull out the unwanted toxins from your skin, turning it into smooth and rejuvenated beauty business.