Face scrubs you need to add to your skincare routine

Face scrubs you need to add to your skincare routine

Pollution and heat feed in dirt, grimes and excess oil production in your pores. Here is when a face scrub comes to rescue your face from dullness, dry patches, oiliness and blackheads.

Physical exfoliation of your skin is surely a vacillate task. For some, it's a good feeling of manually scraping dead skin off their faces, while others think that it may damage their skin barrier. As we age, our skin’s ability to shed dead cells reduces itself reduces making the additional pollution build-up on the surface. When skin is made prolonged exposure to dead cells, it suffocates, closing all escape routes for oil, and thus clogging the pores and ultimately acne. 

Why you need to Scrub your face? 

Gentle exfoliating your face once a week can help removing this prolonged build up layer of dead cells on your skin. This way its easier for the newer skin cells to accept active ingredients from the skincare products that follow and help you and your viewers to see your skin clean and healthy.

How much you should exfoliate on the basis of your skin type? 

Oily or Normal skin

Physical exfoliation is best suited for oily or normal skin, where small granules or beads, may be of a fruit ( like Apricot or Walnut ), gentle scraps to rev up the skin rejuvenation process. Choose creamy scrubs with micro beads to calm and mattifying ingredients like honey and jojoba.

Dry Skin

But when it comes to Dry skin, most say that it should be rarely exfoliated.  Yes, its true cause exfoliating is meant to remove excess oil. Dry skin already lacks moisture and when you scrub it, it can become more dry. 

For dry skin, scrubbing with an oil-based exfoliant seems like as insurance against any resulting moisture loss. However, a good scrub, suspended in an oil, can help slough off the dead skin cells and disappointedly can clog pores. But as to remove dead skin cells, Scrubbing dry skin face should be once in two or three weeks regimen. 

Look for a scrub with papaya beads—there are gentler than nut fragments, and better for the environment than plastic micro-beads.

Acne-prone skin

Physical exfoliation, especially if you have active acne breakouts, don’t do this. Even if the pressure is gentle, scrubbing could pop pimples and spread the bacteria all over the area, which could exaggerate it further. 

However , you can use mechanical exfoliation. Applying a mild scrub with a delicate finger massage is advisable.

How to Scrub your face?

The fine way is to use a scrub or an exfoliating tool and move in gentle circular strokes around the face. The tool is similar to that a face massager but with a scrubber fitted in. For the application process, Simply squeeze out a glob of face scrub on dry fingertips. Gently massage it in a circular motions on wet skin for at least three minutes and then rinse off with warm water, Pat dry your skin with a soft towel. If you have cuts on your face, or some part of burn or rash, avoid scrubbing. Also avoid contact with your eyes or with chapped lips.

Follow Up with Moisturizer 

Once you are done scrubbing, don’t forget to moisturize. Take a little amount of any moisturizer that you like and gently massage all over your face.  A good quality moisturizer will help to protect the skin barrier and replenish the skin.

OxyGlow Intensive Moisturizing Lotion is a rich creamy face and body lotion enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E helps in maintaining the natural moisture balance of the skin.

It makes even the driest skin smooth. The essential oils present in this product heal and impart a healthy glow.

Never get too excited for exfoliation

A word of caution with physical exfoliation: you may go enthusiastic. It is easy to get excited by exfoliation, but too much of it can make skin dull and sensitive. Being Gentle to your skin is the key. 

What happens when you scrub too much? 

The micro tears on the skin surface breaks, resulting in the water loss from transepidermal cells, followed by Skin irritation and redness. So always moisturise and coddle your skin after using the scrub. 

OxyGlow Honey and Papaya Enzymes Scrub pack removes dead skin cells without affecting the quality and skin barrier of your face. Papaya Enzymes and Honey - Both the Ingredients are naturally active skin rejuvenating agents.  Has benefits in Anti-ageing, tan removal and clear pigmentation from the skin. 


OxyGlow Apricot and Jojoba Scrub is a natural Exfoliating Scrub enriched with the goodness of Walnut shell and Apricot oil actually slough the dead cells off. Presence of glycerin Hydrates Dry skin, make it smooth, give a natural glow and refines overall complexion of the skin.