Everything you need to know about Dry Skin - Care & Routine in summers

Everything you need to know about Dry Skin - Care & Routine in summers

We are in the middle of humid Indian summer, but why is it that your skin is still feeling dry when there's so much moisture around?

The reason could be your Skin care routine. Dermatologist say that the more you wash your face with sudsy face washes and harsh soaps, the more it gets stripped of its natural oils and ultimately dries out. 

What is classified as Dry skin?

The defining features of Dry skin is tight, less moisturized and sensitive skin with redness, discomfort and inflammation—but the reasons behind these conditions can vary enormously.

The hallmark of Dry skin is lack of Moisture making skin host of dull, flaky and itchy patches.

The primary cause of dry skin can be imbalance of natural oil and water in skin. This could be due to Dehydration, Sun- exposure, over-exfoliation and eating habits.

Why do you have Dry skin in Summers?

In summers, the weather turns humid causing oily and combination skin to sweat more and become more prone to oil production, breakouts and worsening of their acne.

But with the Dry skin people, the reason for their complex texture is insufficient production of protective oils.

These protective oils are responsible for keeping the outer layer of skin functional of keeping “hydration inside”.

In summers, Scorching heat and high humidity are directly proportional to low energy levels, lack of appetite and dehydration at the end of the day.

As a result the body to water ratio falls down, eventually making your skin dry.  

“Hydration within your body is reflected through your skin”

There are more reasons to why your skin dries out in summer.

Cool air from Air conditioner

Most of us, prefer to stay in AC than facing the scorching heat outside. But Air conditioners dry the atmosphere air in our rooms, decreasing the moisture in air.

This is making your surface skin cells to dry out even further.

Sun Exposure

Sun is obviously, the major culprit behind your dry skin. The UV rays are worst enough to damage the natural oil of your skin.

Over Exfoliation

" Dry skin is not meant to be exfoliated."

But since some of you are way smart thinking, removing the dead surface cells can make skin come back to normal, but you’re wrong.

How to treat dry skin in summers? – Skin care routine

TIP 1: Cleanse with Mild Cleanser

Clean your face with mild face cleansers that hydrates and soothes your skin.

Aloe Vera and Citrus Deep Cleansing milk act as a magnet to lift dirt, oil, and makeup up and away from the skin. Make it a part of your summer skincare regimen to retain Hydration.

OxyGlow Aloe Vera and Citrus Deep Cleansing Milk

TIP 2: The Moisturizer is a Requisite

After cleansing, apply a lightweight moisturizer especially formulated for dry skin.

Oxyglow’s Day Care cream is a bonus product that moisturize as well as stimulate production of collagen, necessary for skin to look young and hydrated.

Oxyglow Day care cream

TIP 3. Massage your face with skin Hydrating Formula

Massage gels or creams enriched with ingredients rich in water content like aloe vera, cucumber, papaya etc. are better for hydrating your skin.

Aloe vera and Apple Face Massage Gel is a perfect blend of natural coolants like cucumber, apple and aloe vera to soothe, and moisturize skin.

TIP 4:  Make Sun protection a priority

Wearing a broad spectrum Sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. A layer of SPF 15 or SPF 30 is arguably the single-most important step in a Summer skin-care regimen.

Aloe vera and carrot cream SPF 30+++

TIP 5: Add a Face oil to Skin Care Regimen

The basic idea of applying oil on your face is to supplement the natural oils your skin is (or isn’t) producing like an additional effort to add moisture to your skin and help repair the barrier to keep that moisture in. 

 OxyGlow Argan oil is Lightweight and has silky texture, to absorb seamlessly and hydrate dry skin.Oxyglow Argan oil

TIP 6: Keep a Facial Mist or Toner with your everywhere

A Refreshing face mist in summer can give you instant hydration in summers. Not only will a spritz of treated water keep you feeling awake and but it will help revive the moisture content in your skin. Fear deal!

Face mist enriched with Rose or Cucumber can lift up your mood and skin in an instant.

Oxyglow cucumber toner      Oxyglow Rose toner

Treating dry skincare is not just the outer care.

Keep your body hydrated, drinking less caffeine and obviously eating food rich in water- content is very helpful in treating dry skin problems, irritability and obviously indigestion during summers.

Avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and soda in summers as they leave the body more quenched than satisfied.

Eating cooling foods, fruits like water melons, cucumber, strawberry, musk melons and drinks like buttermilk, Cucumber juice can help mitigate the effects of heat.