Skin Care Routine for the the PM

Skin Care Routine for the the PM

After a hectic day, you reach home and stare at yourself in the mirror, what you see is tired and dull face.  

To fix this, following a Night Skin care regimen is important. It’s more than just cleanse and moisturize, but skipping it isn’t a good idea. Just spend a few minutes in front of mirror, pamper yourself and see how your skin looks refreshed and alive in the morning. 

Why you need a Night Care Skin Regimen ?

During day time, our skin is exposed to UV rays, which is one of the most well-known causes for skin ageing, pigmentation and other skin issues. 

Also the daily exposure to air pollution, car fumes, dust and smog also disturbs the overall oil balance of the skin. 

To heal all of these issues, our skin goes into its rejuvenation mode at night when we are sleeping. Using skin treatment products that will enhance this Skin Rejuvenation process should be considered antedate.

How Pollution and Ageing affects Skin ? 

The air pollutants are usually are a mixture of chemicals in the air, tiny bits of soot and acid liquid droplets. These droplets of acid and chemicals absorb into our skin especially during humid and hot weather, because of open pores, causing dryness and other skin issues. 

Also with progressing age, the skin starts to change. It becomes more dry. Fine lines and wrinkles starts to appear and poignantly skin starts to sag. Using anti-aging skin care at the earliest level can precede these issues.

Consider your skin a priority before you start looking older than what you actually are. Following a Night Skin Regimen not only helps heal the affected skin but also can prevent the possible future skin problems.

Steps to your Night Care Skin Regimen

STEP 1 - Cleanser: Whether you are using a gel or cream based cleanser, a small coin-sized amount of product should be enough to proper cleanse your skin. 

Cleansing Milk are actually great cleansers to remove dirt and oil from your pores. Most cleansers are enriched with hydrating ingredients to deep cleanse skin yet not disturbing it's pH balance. 

OxyGlow Aloe vera and Citrus Deep cleansing milk is a perfect acid-base formulation to get rid your skin of impurities. It’s gentle, hydrating properties deep-cleanse skin without leaving it patched. It reduce oil production on the whole and shrinks pores while at it as well.

OxyGlow Aloe vera and Citrus Deep Cleansing Milk

STEP 2 - Skin Serum: Less is better. Apply only a pea-sized amount of skin serum on your face. Serum are loaded with extra nutrients to heal the target areas of your skin. 

OxyGlow Keratin Skin Serum is enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil. It is a lightweight oil, has anti-aging properties and ideal for treating dry skin. Due to its composition, Argan Oil is a perfect ingredient for Skin serum. Controls sebum production, prevent excess dead skin cells without clogging pores. 

STEP 3 - Eye cream: Staring all day long on your Laptop and smart phone screens, having dark circles or puffiness is usual. Don’t forget to use a pea-sized amount of Eye cream to lightly massage with your ring finger the under eyes and above the lids area. 

STEP 4 - Moisturizer: The Art of moisturization is a crucial step in your night care skin regimen. Simply dab two pinches of moisturizer onto your forehead, one on each cheek and one on your nose. Massage with light hands on your face and neck. 

OxyGlow Nourishing Night Cream is a perfect moisturizer targeting the major skin concerns. It constitutes active nutrients to reform cell structure and help skin rejuvenation at night.

Oxyglow Nourishing Night cream