Why Serums are the ultimate Anti-aging and Hydrating Skincare Product?

Why Serums are the ultimate Anti-aging and Hydrating Skincare Product?

Ever wondered why all these celebrities’ skin look so hydrated and refreshed? The answer is change in their Skincare Regimen. It’s more than Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer now.

Start tailoring your skincare routine with Skin Serum. A truly effective “Miracle” product, that separates from other cosmetics.

Investing in good Skin serum is an elixir for flawless and rejuvenated skin that makes your skin plump and younger looking.

Why use Serum for skin?

Thin yet Silky consistency of serum, enriched with antioxidant properties, Serum for Skincare have come a long way giving you Hydrated, Moisturized and balanced skin.

Using Serum everyday has skincare benefits, from clearing blemishes to smoothing wrinkles, Anti-aging and most crucially in treating acne-prone skin.

What are Serums and how you should add it your Skin care routine?

Serums are concentrated oil or water-based products packed with active nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Lightweight and silky consistency, Serum helps ingredients to penetrate the skin better than oils and moisturizers.

Serums are super mighty if you have acne-prone skin.

Using this product along with your Everyday Skin Regimen – Cleanse, tone, moisturize and Sunscreen can make your skin feel more hydrated and soothed.

 “Serums not only moisturize, they heal your skin.”

If you have dry skin, Serum with glycerin, Aloe Vera and other hydration-rich ingredients, can boost the level of hydration in your skin.

Serums enriched with Vitamin C help to brighten, and stimulate the production of Collagen and elasticity in skin. Also, certain serums are rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants to fight free radicals and decrease inflammation.

“Skin Serum is an additional step for skincare without being too heavy on skin” 


If the Serum is water-based, apply it on the skin between the toner and the moisturizer. Being Smaller in molecules, it penetrates deep to moisturize the inner layer of the skin. If your serum is oil-based, it can be used after moisturizer cream.

Take a pea-sized amount of serum when the skin is still damp after toning.

Serum are wonder products that penetrates deeper into the skin deliver an additional layer of hydration, to instantly rejuvenate and brighten up dull and dry complexion.

Keratin Skin Serum – an Elixir for Smooth, Hydrated and Rejuvenated skin

Serum is a perfect base to let your skin absorb and retain moisture better. Rich, Keratin Skin Serum enriched with Moroccan Argan oil and Vitamin C balance pH levels.

Ideally created for all skin types, this serum can be used to treat dry or dehydrated skin. This Skin serum is potent anti-oxidant to moisturize, protect and restore skin collagen.


✔Hydrated skin
✔Moisturized and restored skin.
✔Anti- Ageing Properties
✔Prevent excess dead skin cells
✔Prevents acne, dry skin and wrinkles
✔Do not clog pores
✔Serum nutrients soak directly into your skin.

Oxyglow Keratin Skin Serum