Winter Dandruff? Here's how to approach your battle against itchy, dry and dandruff prone scalp

Winter Dandruff? Here's how to approach your battle against itchy, dry and dandruff prone scalp

Tackle almost every hair concern with our idle hair care routine. The debut of Winter is here and so of dry, itchy patches on the scalp, shedding of dandruff and bothersome unmanageable hair. Coping up with this hair beast may be difficult to manage, but understanding where its weaknesses lie and correcting it with the blend of right herbal haircare ingredients can help ease and calm ravaged mane.

Dandruff. The First Target

There can be officially many ‘causes’ of dandruff, but most reliable one is the exposure to allergens and infection with certain bacteria that lead to dry scalp and then its shedding. What actually adds to this process is, extremely hot or cold weather, illness, dust and our lovable pets.

What ingredients can irritate dandruff and scalp related issues?

Mane and scalp related problems can exaggerate by anything too aggressive or full of chemicals. It's better to avoid shampoos, conditioners and harsh hair products that are high in sulphate and hydroxy acids that, actually burn up your entire scalp and leave nothing but the flaky residues.

Good hair care routine for dandruff-prone scalp

Our scalp tend to flare dandruff even more in cold, dry seasons. Setting up for Haircare routine that reinforce and take care of that scalp and hair barrier should be considered. Taking care of your scalp barrier is the most important thing you can do.

Oiling your hair, from ancient times, is always the game changer.

Hair Oils are rich in conditioning as well as bacteria resistant properties to clarify and moisturize your scalp. In general, the drier scalp skin is, the greaser your emollient should be. Oiling helps restoring the integrity of the skin barrier so it should be a fundamental part to remove dandruff and winter hair care routine, even when flare-ups have been put to rest.

What are the best oils to fight  Dandruff?

Amla and Shikakai Hair Tonic

If you have dandruff, you can apply Amla and Shikakai oil. It is herbal, naturally is infused with Antibiotics that kills the bacteria that causes dandruff. Bhringraj and Argan oils and other blend of oils enriched with herbs like Reetha, Neem (to unclog follicles and boost circulation) moisturizes and helps restore the protective scalp and mane barrier.

Oxyglow Amla and Shikakai Hair tonic

Apply good amount on the scalp, keep it on overnight or for 20 minutes at the very least, and wash with a mild Anti-Dandruff shampoo or any oil based shampoo.

DIYs Oil blend for Dandruff

You can also use olive or mustard oil for hair that's prone to dandruff, but never use coconut, as that can increase flakiness. For the recipe, simply mix a couple of tablespoons of olive or mustard oil and add two drops of tea tree oil (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory) and one drop of cedarwood essential oil.

Follow by Shampoo and apple cider vinegar diluted in water as the last rinse.

For dry hair

Bhringraj oil is perfect to remove ultraviolet harm that has been done to your hair before. From frizzy and puffy ends to stubborn hair fall that can be embarrassing, Bhringraj oil can sort out any of the common hair woes, and tame your mane all year long.

Power packed with rich Ayurvedic oils and herbs, Oxyglow Bhringraj Oil is just the right therapy your scalp needs to fight hair loss, premature graying & dandruff. This is not a cosmetic product but a curative and preventive ayurvedic treatment for scalp disorders.

Oxyglow Bhringraj Revitalising Hair Oil