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For a first-timer, colouring your hair can be quite a daunting task. You would require to know how to go about it. Don’t fret, you have come to the right place.  

 How safe is it to colour your hair? 

 Hair colouring is a chemical treatment that changes the look and texture of your hair. There are risks to the process. In such cases, it is always advisable to look for products that are herbal and help you achieve the desired hair colour with minimal to no side effects. Oxyglow offers you a wide range of herbal hair colours for both men and women.  

 How to colour your hair? 

 You can now colour your hair at home alone, or with the help of a friend or family member. Before you begin the process, it is advisable to do a hair colour test to avoid any allergic reaction. You would also be required to choose the shade that would suit your skin tone. The best way for this is to choose two shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. Most hair colour for women have different shades and so you would need to spend time searching for the perfect colour for you.  

 When you apply the colour make sure you don’t forget about the product on your hair. This can cause an itchy and dry scalp. Sometimes the colour comes out in a different shade than you expected. Ensure you set a timer to wash the product off. Post a wash, you would be required to use a conditioner. This is a crucial step as it helps retain the colour and preserves your hair’s texture. Ensure that your shampoo and conditioner are colour safe.  

 Sometimes women go to the parlour to colour their hair. You could want streaks and the best way to achieve that colour would be at a parlour as most of us do not know how to section and colour our hair that well.  

 Most of the men use a hair colour at home. The hair colour for men come in basic shades and it is easier to get it done at home as it requires less time and effort.  

 When should you avoid colouring your hair? 

 If you have a medical condition or excessive dandruff then using a hair colour might aggravate the situation. Consult a dermatologist to help with the situation. People who experience severe hair fall should also try to avoid harmful chemicals being added to their hair as this makes the hair more brittle. 

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