6 Steps to Keep Your Complexion Glowing This Winter

6 Steps to Keep Your Complexion Glowing This Winter

Winter is always the high time for Skin Care Overhaul. Although it’s true, that the “beauty of a person comes from within”, but how can we ignore the faces of Alicia Keys and Alessia cara that look so beautiful even when no makeup on. It’s all because they take care of their skin.

If you are the one wondering how do I get healthy and glowing all season long, then follow these six skincare rules, we promise you’ll notice a difference. Let’s dive in.

(1) Cleanse very gently and less often

In winters, having dry skin is truly a universal woe. Also, If your skin becomes super-dehydrated (We can blame the intake of excess caffeine here) and that’s going to be most likely situation during winter time- an oil cleanser or bam will be comforting to the skin.

It’s all on you, but by default, one should be cleansing its skin both a.m. and p.m. times.

In the morning, you can just rinse your face with the cold water or lukewarm water. Try to include cleansing as a most important step for your P.M. Skincare. Always take care of what cleanser you are using. Dermatologist say, too much cleansing, even with a gentle oil cleanser can strip away lipids and harm skin barrier.

Oxyglow Deep cleansing milk is infused with abundance of hydrating Aloe vera, to to hydrate your skin. It will not disturb your skin carrier, and works gently especially during winter when skin needs to cope dryness.

OxyGlow Deep Cleansing Milk

(2) Use an Exfoliating Scrub for Even tone and Refined Skin Texture

Avoid aggravating the skin, which is inherently more sensitive during the winters. A nice but not aggressive exfoliation is okay, but if you think this will tear apart all the dry skin, then you must consider thinking it twice.

Honey and Papaya Enzyme Scrub is a mild exfoliating scrub. It can refine, smooth and brighten and even takes out pollution dirt, keeping your pores clean from deep within, without irritating the skin.

(3) Keeping Skin Barrier healthy with a Serum

Serum is basically the super blend to leave your skin bouncy. It is prepared in a way to target all your skin concerns, mostly the ones prolonged for a long time. Most serum contains ingredients that stimulate collagen and heal skin.

OxyGlow Keratin Skin Serum is formulated simply to target all your skin-ageing problems. Enriched with Moroccan Argon Oil, this serum works to increase the moisture content of skin keeping it hydrated and moisturized all day. This serum also fight against free radicals, preventing future damage & repair skin.

Keratin Skin Serum

(4) A Relaxing Face Mask

It is designed to stimulate Collagen, encourage healing, calm inflammation and boost circulation. Masks do make changes to the skin. It increases face luminosity, more even texture, less redness and also reduce puffiness.

The best thing about Masks is that it relaxes you. You can simply sit in for 10-20 minutes straight and feel like life time of relaxation. Just kidding.

A Kaolin Clay mud pack infused with liquorice extract and Vitamin E can help remove dead skin cells, hyper pigmentation, discoloration and any other roughness while hydrating the skin with Aloevera, Almond & Jojoba oil.

(5) Water-In-Oil Moisturizer

Your thirsty skin during winters definitely needs a rich Creamy Moisturizer that will soak up in deepest layer of the skin. Water-in-oil formula Moisturizers due to its dense texture are more potent of hydrating skin as well as repair the skin texture.

OxyGlow Intensive Moisturizing Lotion is made simply to deep nourish your skin. Enriched with the nourishing Aloe vera and other natural ingredients.

(6) Seal the Hydration with a Face oil

During summers, you can avoid oil for face. But in winter, adding a face oil to skin care regimen can help seal the moisturizer into the skin.

Our Absolute favorite is Argan oil because its non sticky and feels light. It contains Argan oil along with 8 essential oils that are extremely rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, to deeply hydrate, nourish, and strengthen skin texture.